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Tandem Worktops

30mm & 40mm 
Tandem worktops are designed to bring a beautiful look to the heart of your home. With an affordable price. Your dream kitchen has never been easier to realise. 

30mm Curved Edge 

Tandems 30mm worktops and breakfast bars offer a stunningly slim option for your kitchen. Each decor has a colour matched upstands and splashbacks for the perfect finish. At a reasonable cost Tandem slimline works urfaces allow you to match current kitchen design trends. As thinner worktops becoming ever more popular for the home. 
Achieve a classic look as the leading edge of Tandem 30mm worktops and both long edges of Tandem 30mm breakfast bars have gently 
curved edges. 
Tandem 30mm Curved Edge give you great value as its the lowest priced range in the Tandem Collection. These kitchen tops offer a wide range of decors. With sophisticated solid colour, granite, marble,wood and patterned options available. 

40mm Curved Edge 

Tandem 40mm thick worktops and breakfast bars, offer solid colour, granite, marble, wood and patterned décors. Giving you beautiful and strong choices when renovating your kitchen. These are all available with colour matched splashbacks and upstands at a fantastic price. Tandem 40mm work surfaces stand out with a modern, tightly curved profile. On the leading edge of the worktops and both long 
edges of the breakfast bars.  Tandem has created a 40mm Curved Edge that looks almost square edg. Which is an increasingly popular choice in todays kitchens.  
Solid Look 
Tandem 40mm kitchen tops have a strikingly solid appearance and extra protection. As the laminate wraps around the top and bottom surface of each worktop and breakfast bar edge. Finally find the perfect look that you’ve always wanted. With solid colour, granite, marble, wood and patterned décors to choose from. 

Breakfast Bar Options 

With their extra width, Tandem breakfast bars gives you all of the space that you will need. To cook and spend time with your family. With the added  versatility to host and socialise with friends. Each décor of the Tandem Collection is available for both breakfast bars and worktops. 

Tandem Upstands 

Add the perfect finishing touch to your new kitchen. With Tandem colour matched upstands. These upstands not only look fantastic. They also protect your walls, by providing an effective barrier to impact and water damage.  They are also easy to install and clean, giving you great value for money. With upstands matching the decors of Tandem breakfast bars and worktops. 

Tandem Splashbacks 

Tandem splashbacks give you an easy cost effective alternative to kitchen tiles. Also as most splashbacks are installed without any joints. They are much more hygienic compared to the grouted joints of tiles, in which germs can develop. 
Tandem splashbacks come in the same décors as Tandem worktops and breakfast bars. So you will have a gorgeous, seamless look. Tandem splashbacks also protect your kitchen walls, by adding an effective barrier against impact, water, and cooking fats. Also having a seamless splashback makes cleaning much easier. 
Tandem matching splashbacks are available for each décor in the complete Tandem Collection of breakfast bars and worktops. 

Tandem Quality 

All Tandem products are manufactured in accordance with the 
BS/EN 4965 standard. Which gives customers the best possible heat, water, abrasion and impact resistance for laminated products. 
With the Tandem range The BS/EN438 laminate surface is bonded to EN312/2003 E1 high density particle board. 

Also a waterproof foil is bonded to the underside of each Tandem worktop and breakfast bar. With each worktop and breakfast bar there is a polyurethane seal to protect the long edges from water penetration. 
Also waterproofed are the rear edges of Tandem worktops and breakfast bars. 
With quartz décors there is a protective foil to prevent surface damage 
from scratching and scuffs during delivery. This foil should be 
removed during the installation process. Additionally each Tandem worktop and breakfast bar is delivered with a free of charge loose laminate edge. 
You can have peace of mind that your worktops will last for many years to come. Because the Tandem Collection has achieved the ultimate mark of quality – the FIRA Gold Award. 

Tandem and The Environment 

Tandem worktops and breakfast bars use timber from well managed and sustainable forests. These are certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Also the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). 
So the Tandem Collection has excellent product recycling properties. 
With incredibly real looking wood, granite and marble effect décors. Tandem surfaces make it unnecessary to cut down exotic species of real wood. Or to mine for granite and marble. So that you can renovate your home in an environmentally friendly way. 

Surface Finishes 

There is an option to suit everyone with Tandem textures. Which match perfectly with your chosen decor. 


Matt is used as a delicately textured surface. Giving your kitchen the authentic look and feel of a natural work surface.


This reflective surface, incorporates dazzling metallic elements which are multi coloured. These are freely distributed to give a unique appearance. This texture require a little more care and attention to retain its glamour.


A highly reflective, luxurious surface. Which is one of the most dramatic finishes you can get. This texture require a little more care and attention to retain its glamour.


Satin produces a semi-polished sheen to enhance the colours of the décors that use this attractive texture. It also has the benefit of being a hard wearing finish.


Tandems Stone texture has the same non-reflective and subtle unevenness. Of newly quarried natural stone.Whilst still being easy to clean and maintain. For a striking look.


Following the natural grain appearance of real wood. This option gives you a subtle variety of textures.

*Please note that Gloss and Quartz surfaces are more prone to scratching than other finishes. So please take additional care when using and cleaning. 

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