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If you are looking for a highly versatile worktop with the pure look and feel of natural stone. Then the Mirostone kitchen worktops are for you. Blending perfectly into kitchens, utility rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms with seamless joints. These work surfaces will highlight a room that has a high quality decor.

Offering designs to suit every taste and all family needs. Whether resisting a soaking in the bathroom or bringing extra sophistication to your bedroom these worktops will be appreciated by all who see them.

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Key features of the Mirostone worktops include

The Feel Of Natural Stone

Achieve all of the beauty of natural stone, without a huge expense. Everyone who touches these worktops will find a perfect replication of natural stone in both appearance and feel.


Mirostone have designed their worktops for the high demands of modern living. They are specially designed for the stresses and strains of the household.


If you want to prepare some home baking or teach your kids their first cooking techniques, then you can rest assured that the Mirostone worktops are safe and hygienic. Mirostone worktops are easy to clean and waterproof, so you will know that the worktop isn’t retaining any harmful germs. With its smooth and unnoticeable seams, there are no unsightly joints for bacteria to breed in. Making Mirostone worktops perfect for creating delicious feasts in your kitchen.


An excellent worktop for all wet areas, as it is solid all of the way through. With no chipboard or mdf core, these worktops are completely waterproof. The solid qualities of Mirostone makes it easy to clean and dry, preventing the penetration of dirt and bacteria.  Whether you accidentally spill a glass of wine or have steam swirling around the kitchen. You can rest assured that the Mirostone worksurface is non-porous and thus extra hygienic.

Seamless Integration

You no longer need to worry about unsightly joints spoiling your dream kitchen as with Mirostone worktops the edges are seamless and inconspicuous. Your home will have an immaculate natural flow entering the kitchen, with a smart and stylish appearance. To complete the look you can finish it off with an integrated a sink.

Colour Throughout The Worktop

The colours and patterns of Mirostone worktops are not just skin deep. The full beauty of Mirostone worktops run throughout the full thickness of the work surface. This makes the Mirostone work surfaces perfect for inserted sinks and other features, such as grooves and rounded edges.

Speed Of Fitting

The Mirostone worktop range can be safely installed into your home using standard tools. With a silky surface texture which can save time on the finishing stage. Mirostone work surfaces avoid inconvenience and long delays. Ensuring that you’ll have your new kitchen working as soon as possible.

10 Year Guarantee

For extra peace of mind Mirostone worktops come with a 10-year guarantee. Allowing you to enjoy your kitchen for many years to come.

Colours & Sizes To Suit Everyone

Design your kitchen to look just as you want it to. The 650mm wide worktop will be well suited to your cupboard designs. Whilst the 960mm wide work surface is excellent for use on islands and breakfast bars. The Mirostone worktops as also made to blend seamlessly together so that your installer can, if you wish, double the worktops size. A wide palette of colours will match your dream layout to your ideal style. Giving you the kitchen that you’ve always wanted.

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