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Beautifully tough

Worktops used in the kitchen or utility room need to be versatile.
They have to be hard wearing yet look great.
They must also accommodate hobs and drainers from above, while enabling ovens, dishwashers and other appliances to work uninterrupted below.
It’s why all Spectra Curved-Edge surfaces are made of hygienic, durable materials that work perfectly with everything in your kitchen and utility room.
A choice of 40 stylish decors and 6 textures are available including dassling stone, realistic woods and original abstract designs.
Each worktop has one long curved edge to give seamless protection. 

 Most importantly

A gloss surface with multi-coloured metallic elements freely distributed within the decor to give a dazzling visual effect.
Please note: Quartz textured surfaces are more susceptible to scratches than other textures. So please take additional care when handling and cleaning Quartz textured surfaces.


Used with some of our marble and wood decors, this delicate texture provides a natural look and feel.


This hard-wearing finish gives a semi-polished sheen that enhances the colour of the decors.


A stunning effect that combines subtle surface undulations with gloss and matt finishes.


Easy to clean and maintain, the non-reflective and subtle undulations of this texture looks and feels great.


The natural grain of real wood is subtly and ingeniously replicated in this texure.

Spectra Seal & Why You Need it...

Online Worktops Spectra Seal

A new and improved range of sealants, specifically designed to leave any job with clean, hygienic and colour matched seals.
Bonds and seals show panels, worktops, splashbacks, upstands and undermount sinks.
 Also Colour matched to the panel to give a seamless finish.
Adheres to most surfaces: Quartz, Stainless Steel, Glass and many more.
Excellent bonding strength 
Also with flexible/waterproof joints

Tried and Trusted

Award-winning quality

All Spectra Curved-Edge products undergo a number of rigorous tests to ensure each worktop, breakfast bar, island unit, upstand and splashback not only provides great decorative style, but also delivers superior performance against heat, water, abrasion and impact resistance*.

When it comes to check quality, we’re unapologetically exacting. It’s why you’ll never see us cutting corners or taking the easy option. 
Instead you’ll find us carrying out test after test to ensure all our surfaces are of the highest standard. It’s an approach that has led to Spectra Curved -Edge achieving the ultimate mark of quality – the FIRA Gold Award.

*Whilst Spectra Curved-Edge offers additional performance over other work surfaces, standard work surface precautions such as heat protectors and choppingboards should still be used.

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It’s one thing to look the part, quite another to feel the part too.
The Spectra Square-Edge range achieves the feat in remarkable style.
From the cold touch of granite and marble to the subtle sensation of wood grain,
each of the five carefully selected textures brings more than just a sense of occasion to your kitchen.

Spectra Square Edge - Wild Rustic Lifestyle

A gloss surface with multicoloured metallic elements freely distributed within the décor to give a dazzling visual effect. 
Please Note: The high gloss finish of quartz is more susceptible to scuffs and scratches than other textures,
so additional care needs to be taken when using and cleaning.


Used with some of our marble and stone décors, this delicate texture provides a natural look and feel


This texture subtly and ingeniously replicates the natural grain of real wood.


Easy to clean and maintain, the non-reflective and subtle unevenness of this texture echoes freshly quarried natural stone.


Our most technologically advanced texture, Sync perfectly synchronises with the shapes and colours
of the slate and wood décors on which it’s applied.
The result? An amazingly realistic 3D effect that offers all the durability, cleanliness and low-cost benefits of laminate.

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