From the early 1990s, the KARONIA team has been involved in the solid surface industry. Karonia has experience in all facets from fabrication to development. Also, the manufacturer of the pioneering 25mm thick product. It originally created in 2000 and then honed over the last decade. Additionally, Karonia’s experience has helped to design the MISTRAL products to the highest specifications.

Likewise, Karonia products can be used in a host of different applications. Such as kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories and commercial environments. This versatility provides solutions for a range of different project types. Including Housing Developments, Hotels, Private Rental Schemes (PRS) and Student Accommodation.

One of the great advantages of solid surface material is its ability to be seamlessly joined to form one continuous piece. Also, this smooth, hygienic, non-porous surface provides a blank canvas for designers, unlimited by worktop size.  

Karonia Mistral Kitchen

The Solid Surface Worktop by Mistral

You can get the best out of your room, with the flexibility of MISTRAL products.
The desktop of your room can be tailored to the physical dimensions and characteristics. Also, the lines of innovative furniture shapes give a special character to your kitchen.

Besides, where space is at the premium is where designers really showcase their talents. In essence, they are the little things that can make a big difference.
 An angle, or an internal curve, can introduce a sense of space that does not seem possible.

A worktop range that gives you the look of natural stone with the day-to-day benefits.
Also, MISTRAL products give you the colour, shape, and style you want without compromise.

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