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Tuscan Sinks and Taps Collection

The Tuscan collection offers an extensive choice of stunning sinks and taps. Elegant yet hard-wearing, our range allows you to make your own statement. With classic and contemporary styles across a choice of materials. Hence, choose the sink that suits your personal needs through a wide range of products.

High on looks yet low on maintenance. Tuscan sinks and taps withstand daily wear and tear, are easy to clean, and provide a hygienic and durable surface whilst retaining their stylish appearance. Whether you prefer the fresh, contemporary look of polished stainless steel or nostalgic quality of traditional Belfast.
A Tuscan sink and tap add a touch of luxury!

Care & Maintenance

General Cleaning Instructios
Always wipe the sink down with warm soapy water and cloth to remove everyday stains from your sink. Additionally, in hand water areas limescale deposits can build up on the sink over a period of time. Moreover, to remove limescale we recommend the use of lemon juice or vinegar.

Granite & Ceramic
For general cleaning and removing marks a mild cream cleaner and a non-metallic scouring pad must be used. China rubbers will clear most marks on ceramics- these must be used with washing up liquid.

Stainless Steel (brushed finish)
 A liquid cleaner can be used with a soft damp cloth for everyday cleaning and mark removal.

Stainless Steel (polished finish)
For general cleaning and removing marks, a stainless steel spray cleaner with a soft damp cloth should be used.

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