Prime Oak Real Wood Worktops

Timber Worktops

Use Prime Oak Real Wood solid timber worktops. To bring a natural beauty into your kitchen. Timber worktops are both aesthetically pleasing. Bringing a unique character. To your kitchen design. With their timeless look and tactile feel. Furthermore wooden worktops create a beautiful individual statement. In both traditional and contemporary environments.

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The manufacturer contributes to the World Wildlife Fund. They have decided against supplying timbers which generate environmental problems in their harvesting. So they do not sell any African timbers. Also all wooden worktops are purchased with particular attention. The timber is from an environmentally sustainable source. Wood has a natural defence against bacteria. Therefore it is considered to be the most hygienic. Of all kitchen work surfaces. Additionally these timber worktops are constructed with solid staves. Hence they will give a lifetime of trouble free use.

An In House Fabrication service is available. On Real Wood Worktops. Click here for more details

  • Prime Oak
    Prime Oak

    Prime Oak – Real Wood – 40mm

    £9.00£614.68 (incl.vat) Select options
  • Prime Oak
    Prime Oak

    Prime Oak – Real Wood – 30mm

    £9.00£388.89 (incl.vat) Select options

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