With Quartz becoming more and more of a popular choice for homeowners, we have taken on three popular ranges for you to choose from. The popularity of this product is due to the manmade properties that make the product a cheaper alternative to its main competitor Granite.
To create its strength and durability quartz is made up of over 90% of natural quartzite whilst the other 10% is made up of colours and resins. Whilst manufacturing, sealant is also added so that you will never have to seal your worktops. This is also a quality that Granite worktops do not have as they are a natural product and therefore porous.


Caesarstone - Airy Concrete

Caesarstone - Vanilla Noir

Caesarstone - White Attica

Caesarstone - Symphony Grey

Caesarstone - Turbine Grey

Caesarstone - Shitake

Caesarstone has been designing and manufacturing premium surfaces for over three decades and the company continues to push the boundaries of both technical performance and aesthetic quality. Their extensive rang of surfaces is inspired by natural materials, for example marble, granite or limestone as well as more contemporary finished such as concrete, but without any of the care and maintenance associated with them. Caesarstone surfaces are stain, scratch and heat resistant and will look beautiful for years whilst requiring minimal daily cleaning. All Caesarstone surfaces are warrantied for 25 years in dometic applications.

Quartz by Online Worktops

QBO - White Calacatta

We have brought together our own collection of quartz worktops to make popular decors as affordable as possible. A brand without a designer name is just as good as its competitors. Unlike granite quartz can be manufactured to have a uniform appearance. It is friendlier to the environment and antibacterial unlike granite.
Firstly we designed this range to follow the latest trends. With quartz being able to mimic any material and requiring minimal maintenance it has always been very popular but not affordable due to the same reasons. Our range is contemporary and highlights growth within the worksurface field. In addition to this signifying what is important. Cleanliness, sustainability and most importantly beauty. Each design has been selected to provide our customers with what they are asking for.

QBO - Grey Shimmer

QBO - Manhatten

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