Silestone Iconic Black

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Silestone Iconic Black ? Solid Quartz Worktops

Silestone Iconic Black is a solid 20mm quartz worktop.
25 years ago, Cosentino launched Silestone. This range has become the perfect option for bathroom and kitchens worktops. Due to the materials durability Silestone took over other traditional materials such as natural stone and granite and is the only brand to come with a certified written 25-year warranty.
Thanks to its characteristics and properties Silestone by Cosentino has managed to create a unique brand. Each project automatically becomes one of a kind which is what enabled it to become a brand linked to the world of design and fashion. Certified by professionals and presented in more than 50 countries the range talks for itself. Enjoying its position of market leading in its sector and offering research examples to both public and private building projects in the 21st century.

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