Mitre Joint (SE)




Mitre Joint (SE) Laminate Square Edge

Laminate Mitre Joint

Mitre Joint (SE) is a joint made by creating two 45° angles, which will then create a 90° corner. This method is commonly used on Real Wood products such as tables, chairs and windows etc. as the joint creates a more of less perfect attempt to line up the staves of a wooden worktop in a diagonal formation. This is a very sturdy joint but not one we would recommend if it were to go over a dishwasher or washing machine and too much movement (especially shrinkage, which is common on all solid surface products as they react to weather) will show immediately. Alternatively we would recommend a butt joint as explained above. Lastly yourself or your fitter will need to apply the colour matched BB Complete*or Spectra Seal which is a sealing, jointing and bonding waterproof adhesive to the joint and tighten the bolts.

PLEASE NOTE: This product consists of three key holes and 3 FOC jointing bolts.

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