Caesarstone Shitake

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Caesarstone Shitake ? Solid Quartz Worktops

Caesarstone Shitake is a solid 20mm quartz worktop.
This range has been designing and manufacturing premium surfaces for over three decades. They continue to push the boundaries of both technical performance and aesthetic quality. The designers for this range were inspired by natural materials. Limestone, granite and marble as well as more contemporary finishes such as concrete. The different between the materials mentioned and quartz is that the material looks amazing without any of the care and maintenance issues associated with it competitors. Firstly Caesarstone surfaces are scratch, stain and heat resistant. Making the worry of ‘will my kitchen look this good in years to come’ vanish as the simple answer is YES! While requiring minimal daily cleaning.
In addition to this all Caesarstone surfaces are warrantied for 25 years in domestic applications. One thing you will not have to worry about are your new amazing worktops!

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