Artis Rustic Oak - Real Wood - 40mm




Artis Rustic Oak Real Wood – 40mm

Take a look at Artis Rustic Oak Real Wood. Which is defined by its colour variation and prominent grain pattern. Because of its different shades and natural features it helps to create a unique oak worktop with an abundance of character.

Making life nice and easy. And for centuries, wood has certainly been one the worlds most loved, enduring material; a primary element in creating a theme.

In addition Real Wood is a totally natural and environmentally friendly material and for that reason the surfaces are crafted to the highest quality specification for unparalleled surface quality, strength and longevity. So every timber stave in the construction of Real Wood surfaces are traditionally finger jointed for maximum performance.

Most importantly Real Wood surfaces should be sealed, finished and maintained with the correct worksurface oils for trouble free performance. Therefore with periodic care, they will last for many years, maturing into richer colour tones with age.

Above all these Real Wood surfaces are uniquely available in both 4 and 3 metre modular lengths with matching upstands and finishing kit for a professional installation.

1 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Installation Kit Contents:
Fixing screws and washers from front edge (x10). Fixing screws and washers for back edge (x10)
And brackets for middle fixing (x10)
3m foil strip for end grain protection against heat (x1 – use around cookers etc)
0.78m x 0.6m foil sheet for under worktop protection against heat (x1 – dishwashers and washing machines etc)
disposable sandpaper sponges (x1 – for dual sanding and oil applications)
hardboard spacer strips for airflow (x12 – positioned under the worktop)
1 sheet of sandpaper
75ml silicone sealant (sample of sealant for use around sinks and joints etc)

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Rustic Oak Real Wood Upstands
Finish off your kitchen design with a matching upstand. Certainly a fantastic alternative to tiling, for that reason they are very easy to install and maintain.
3000mm x 100mm x 19mm

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