Artis Original Burnish

Combining a gently undulating surface with a subtle gloss element. The softly shimmering patina entices the eye and is appealing to the touch. Artis Original Burnish works beautifully on stone decors, refracting the light to give to give the surface wonderful depth and clarity; the perfect finish to our authentic 180fx stone effects. These work surfaces are available with matching splashbacks and upstands.

From statement stones to contemporary black, white and grey, Artis Original Burnish takes minimalist to another dimension. The depth of texture, the flow of colour and play of light and shadow erupt through a glittering crystalline surface that changes with sunlight or focused pelmet lighting.

There are 4 options within the Burnish texture options that utilise the 180fx technology:
Dolce Macchiato (click here to view)
Dolce Vita (click here to view)
Piedmonte (click here to view)
Urban Travertine (click to view)

Sizes Available

3600 x 600 x 40mm
1800 x 600 x 40mm
3600 x 665 x 40mm
1800 x 665 x 40mm
3600 x 900 x 40mm
1800 x 900 x 40mm

Matching Splashback: 
3030 x 1200 x 8mm

Matching Upstand:
3000 x 100 x 20mm Upstand


We offer a full fabrication service on worktops. Please click here to see the options available.

Product Guide: W= Worktop | S= Splashback | U= Upstand

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