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Buy Prima Worktops, Splashbacks & Upstands on Online Worktops. With a palette that suits everyday living. Therefore Prima offers inspirational designs and textures. That leave you with that special feeling of a choice well made.

*Please note that Prima laminate splashbacks are supplied un-edged. Also Exposed ends can be finished with standard tile trims.

The Prima range excites and inspires, from luxurious granites to fashionably slimline edges. Also curved components or ready-made island units, and from high performance textures to versatile splashbacks.

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The Formica Lifeseal – Premium all purpose adhesive sealant


One job – One cartridge – Lifetime guarantee* 

Formica Life Seal has been designed to provide a flawless and superior colour-matched finish. 

With Formica Lifeseal all worktop joints are guaranteed against moisture ingress and expansion for the lifetime of the worktop*. You will benefit from:

290ml cartridges available in 21 colours picked exclusively by an aware-winning design team to match decors in the worktops ranges.
Advanced formulation for superb results 
Easy and flexible to work with for bonding, sealing and finishing
Colour matches to suit over 150 designs 
Cartridges suit mastic gun 
290ml – approximately 20 linear metres at a 5mm bead or 9 joints 


*This lifetime guarantee applies only to Axiom and Formica Prima products. When installed in residential environments, which have been subject to fair wear and tear. Formica Lifeseal must be used in accordance with recommended installation instructions. A proof of purchase for adhesive and work surface will be required in event of a query.

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Formica Prima Design

Beautiful surfaces that reflect your lifestyle with formica Prima Worktops. This range strives to create beautiful environments, whatever your style and personality. To make your kitchen the heart of your home.
With the latest Prima work surfaces and accessories. Additionally Formica were able to show their evolution over the years. With the new contrasting splashback range that not only offers some rather unique decors like the Dogbone options. Also an amazing Ragged Copper metallic splashback. That takes contemporary to a whole new level.

Formica Prima’s real beauty lies in classic laminate designs against their amazing contemporary options. Is that they will still be fresh and striking in years to come, as they are when first installed. Formica are that committee to their worktops that they commit to a lifetime guarantee!

Formica Prima Versatility

With so much versatility and choice, the Formica Prima range offers worktops, breakfast bars, 1200mm wide islands. Also with matching splashbacks and upstands. Therefore allowing you to create a truly beautiful kitchen that best reflects your lifestyle and taste. Also they offer a premium all purpose adhesive sealant for each worktop. Therefore they are designed to obtain a flawless, superior colour matched finish. To give you piece of mind on Formica worktop installations.

Choose From These Ranges

Formica Prima Gorgeous Granite

Delivering Prima Gorgeous Granite worktops. The granite look is one of the popular texture choices in kitchens today. Additionally the Formica Prima Granite range is composed of crystals such as mica and quartz. The sheer variety of colours and types of granites available. Mean that there is a work surface to meet all moods and tastes. From the most traditional and conservative, to the most modern and minimalist kitchens!
Just like the Truescale options in the Formica Prima range. The granite texture is also sourced from real slabs of granite. Drawing inspiration from all over the world. Their signature granites have been inspired by the strikingly beautiful. For instance large-scale Mascarello granite, all the way from Brazil.

Formica Prima Gorgeous Granite laminate worktops, splashbacks and upstands are lightweight. Unlike real granite, they have no requirement for templating or specialised equipment to cut or install. They do not require no sealants or on going treatments!

Textures in this range include

Etchings 48

An etched and softly polished texture, capturing the individual beauty of granite.


Reflecting the beautiful veining of stone and granite. This shimmering texture reflects and refracts light.


A durable and bright surface with a subtle sparkle.Prima have a premium all purpose adhesive sealant for each work surface. Also Formica work surfaces are designed to obtain a superior, flawless colour matched finish. Giving you piece of mind on installations. All worktop joints are guaranteed with Formica Lifeseal. Therefore it prevents moisture ingress and expansion. This is for the lifetime of the worktop.

Prima Wonder Woods

The ultimate all rounder, there’s a Prima Wonderful Woods worktop to complement any kitchen style. Traditional or modern, light or dark.
Formica Prima offers a classic selection of wood surfaces. With matching splashbacks and upstands available to add natural style and warmth to any kitchen. High quality prints beautifully capture the detail of each species. Ranging from traditional Oak and Walnut to exotic and colourful Ebony and Zenbrano.

The real beauty of Formica Prima Wonderful Woods is that you get the look, without the hassle. These Prima laminate worktops are water and stain resistant and unlike real wood, require no treatments or oiling.

Matt 58

A smooth, strong and warm worktop texture.


Oozing elegance this wood texture has detailed graining.

Prima Truescale

The vision of Prima Truescale, is to imitate natural products like Granite. With an image used for a laminate work surface, duplicated several times to the product the full length. The Prima Truescale worktop designers use full slabs of stone and print them using the most recent high definition technology.

Bringing you intricate detail on a large scale! These work surfaces reflect the exact characteristics of natural materials across a large laminate top. Therefore Formica Prima Truescale work surfaces are without the repetition. That is found on conventional laminates.

Textures in this range include


A dual gloss effect inspired by ceramics.


Highlighting the beautiful veining of stone and granite. It will reflect the light with a shimmering texture.

AR Plus Gloss

Your worktop will maintain its sine with this superior high gloss laminate.

Textures in this range include


With subtle crevices and clefts to imitate softly brushed stone.


A texture that has a dramatic impact. Also with the visual effect of naturally weathered stone.

Prima Marvelous Marbles

All the visual theatre of marble, without the dramatic price. Formica Prima Work surfaces present a selection of luxurious and exotic marbles.Therefore they will make a big design statement.
If you are seeking an undeniable WOW factor for your kitchen then the islands are a perfect way to cause it. They work best when used for larger islands or breakfast bars. Additionally they look incredible vertically as a feature splashback. Also Formica Prima’s marbles worktops are available in a variety of colours. To suit your interior design vision. Although the price would seem the biggest difference here. Actual marble is more open grain stone. Subsequently they are more delicate and softer. Additionally Prima Truescale marble decors are based on real stone slabs. However they are encapsulated into a high performance laminate surface. Making it water resistant and offering protection from scratches and stains.

Formica Prima Truescale marbles are beautiful, elegant and timeless.

They even offer a premium all purpose adhesive sealant for each worktop. Designed to obtain a flawless, superior colour matched finish. Giving you peace of mind. With Formica Lifeseal all worktop joints are guaranteed against moisture ingress and expansion for the lifetime of the worktop.

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