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Beautiful Bathroom Surfaces

Nuance Curved Edge Worktops

Be inspired in your bathroom by what Nuance curved edge worktops can do. For instance it’s the perfect material for today’s bathroom interiors. Also combining easy maintenance surfaces, with stylish designs.

Whether your look is traditional or contemporary, there’s a design that will work for you. Therefore from large scale luxury stones to subtle neutrals and weathered timbers, you can create long-lasting style.

Long Lasting Designs

Let Nuance help you create your perfect bathroom space to relax in and enjoy for years to come.
Additionally laminate vanity surfaces come with a matching 1500mm edge strip and are available in two sizes:
3000 x 360 x 28mm and 3000 x 600 x 28mm
Also add a special shine to your kitchen with the Nuance Gloss range from Bushboard. Utilising the latest innovations in work surface design and technology. Nuance Gloss is an affordable alternative to natural quartz, which reflects the beauty of natural polished stone. Also with a 28mm thickness, these worktops will give your kitchen a light and spacious feel.


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Nuance + BB Complete 
BB Complete is a sealant in a range of colour options. Most importantly it offers a superb performance and allows your installer to join, bond and seal your worktops.
Always use BB Complete and you’ll have peace of mind. Moreover it comes with a 15 year guarantee!

Why use BB Complete?
Firstly 290ml cartridges available in 12 colourways
Secondly has advanced formulation for superb results 
Thirdly has excellent grab adhesion, gap filling properties and no shrinkage
Fourthly its easy to maintain and clean
Fithly has colour options to suit all designs 
Sixthly the cartridges suit any heavy-duty mastic gun
Lastly the 290ml covers approximately 20 linear metres at a 5mm bead.

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