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Bathroom Shower Panels

Key Features Of Nuance Bathroom Panels Include

Nuance Designer Bathroom Panels Are Developed By Bushboard Who Have Been Established Since 1935

100% Waterproof
Nuance panels are manufactured with a unique synthetic, homogeneous core. So you can enjoy plenty of long showers and luxurious baths. Because when combined with use of BB complete it is completely waterproof and guaranteed for 15 years by the manufacturer.

No Trims Required
Nuance panels have a postformed outer edge that means no trims are required for finishing. Your joins will be water tight and virtually invisible to the eye. So you can enjoy a stunning bathrooms and shower rooms, without distracting metal joints.

 Fast Installation
Nuance panels are designed installed in a matter of hours. Making them up to six times than traditional tiles for installation. Which makes Nuance ideal for refurbishments.

Easy To Clean
Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Shower Trays
Can sit directly on a shower tray or bath edge. Use BB complete to seal.

Nuance  Acrylic Bathroom Panels

However grand your vision may be for your new bathroom; Nuance panels can help you to realise your dream.

The acrylic range has the perfect balance of style and convenience with marble designs along with bright and bold geometric patterns, influenced by Moroccan styling. Nuance acrylic panels are a high quality 4mm thickness. With a reflective finish which is like sheet glass your bathroom will simply stun.

The gorgeous new marble slab designs reflect the natural beauty of real marble. The panels are like mirror images when placed side by side. With contrasting veining cleverly designed  to create one enticing, unbroken pattern. Creating maximum impact with its grand scale symmetrical look. Fantastic in both contemporary and traditional homes and at a fantastic price. You will be able to achieve a stunning and timeless look in your bathroom.

Nuance Carrara Marble
Nuance Grey Gotas
Casablanca Classic

Nuance + BB Complete 
BB Complete is a sealant in a range of colour options and offers a superb performance and allows your installer to join, bond and seal your worktops.
Always use BB Complete and you’ll have peace of mind as it comes with a 15 year guarantee!

Why use BB Complete?
• 290ml cartridges available in 12 colourways
• Advanced formulation for superb results 
• Excellent grab adhesion, gap filling properties and no shrinkage
• Easy to maintain and clean
• Colour options to suit all designs 
• Cartridges suit any heavy-duty mastic gun
• 290ml = approximately 20 linear metres at a 5mm bead 

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