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Axiom Worktops For A Timeless Kitchen

With Axiom, the heart of your home will not just look exceptional. Most importantly the striking design will be the true centre of family life. Also thanks to the high performance and durability of the collection. Your kitchen will be ready for whatever life throws at it.
Whatever your taste, there’s a worktop waiting to be discovered. Firstly Enjoy a blocked wood finish. Ideal for farmhouse and traditional kitchens. Also consider a 22mm marble design. To put the finishing touches on your contemporary environment. Also revel in the premium feel of our abstract designs. Bringing natural artistic elements into a refined and relaxed kitchen space. So the result is a breathtaking collection of premium kitchen worktops. Assembled by the industry’s leading design specialists. Therefore you can bring your vision to life with the Axiom worktops range.

 Most importantly

specifying your design

Firstly Design

The Axiom collection features 50 stunning worktops. From rustic woods to contemporary stones. Therefore each palette features a range to suit any kitchen.

Secondly Texture

From the matte finish to the real-touch feel of our stunning woodgrains, Formica's design experts' understanding of texture. With its interplay with light. Therefore they have ensured designs and textures work together. To deliver stunning beauty. Across the full Axiom Collection.

Lastly Thickness & Edges

Formica have chosen the best edge and thickness to suit the design. Giving you the most appropriate and realistic aesthetic. To each worktop.


block & planked rustic features simple grains

Firtstly whether you’re creating a light, bright kitchen. Or an atmospheric sanctuary based on a darker palette. Additionally the natural beauty of Formica’s stunning woods range will complement your space perfectly. Also their classic blocked and planked woods offer subtle, calming effects. Along with a matching thickness to complete the look.
Additionally an expertly curated selection of rustic woods provides supreme flexibility. For those looking for the ultimate in authenticity. Or enjoy the eye-catching appeal of their simple grains. Where oaks and other traditional woods are available in a range of tones.


contemporary classic

Secondly feel the cool drama of the Axiom contemporary stones. Also Marbles and Slates deliver a modern show-stopping moment. Suitable for kitchens of any size. Additionally they are available in a square edge and 22mm or 40mm thickness. Also depending on the design, if a traditional design is more your style, six classic stones offer spectacular detail. Additionally with 40mm thickness and curved edges.

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platinum series, engineered, patterns, & concrete

Thirdly with inspiration from nature. The platinum series and patterned designed create a look that is unique. Also delivering the wow factor for your kitchen. Alternatively, consider their engineered or concrete designs. There’s inspiration for everyone. Also it’s the simple way to create a statement piece. That leaves you delighted every time you enter your kitchen.

solid colours
enhance with your splashback

Firstly Matching splashbacks

Every Axiom worktop is available with a matching splashback and upstand. Therefore ensuring you can create a continuous feeling throughout you kitchen.

Also Consider Feature splashbacks

To create a true statement, style your kitchen with a feature splashback to add either a classic colour from Axiom's heritage inspired palette, or a contemporary eye-catching pattern.

Lastly Different Heights

Firstly why not mix and match to create a stunning personalised design? Secondly pick between a 100mm high upstand, and a 600mm or 1210mm splashback, to customise your kitchen design.

solid colours, metal, frosted & patterns

Striking Styles

Install a true talking point with a striking Axiom feature splashback. Firstly choose from our trend led colours or shimmer in spectacular fashion. Also with frosted and metal designs. Secondly for an enduring appeal consider a herringbone or terrazzo inspired pattern. Which will take centre stage.

Also Solid Colours


Firstly make the most of your space with complementary colours across worktops, units & walls. Also consider adding a personal touch with splashes of bold colours in accessories and furniture. To really create the atmosphere you want.


Secondly flood your kitchen with natural light, then harness ceiling and under-cupboard lightning for fishing touches. Also with careful planning, you will enjoy both a practical environment for cooking. As well as a moody, atmospheric retreat for wine and chatter.

Lastly Accessories

Thirdly consider how you will dress your windows? Also what materials will you use for shelves? Accessories are often overlooked, but they’re key to bringing your kitchen alive. Therefore ensure it matches your taste and maximising its functionality.


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Fourthly consider your kitchen’s theme from the start. Then embrace a clear vision and work around it. Also gathering appropriate textures and colours to fulfil your concept.


Lastly bring warmth and depth to your kitchen with clever texture combinations. Also pay attention to blinds, chairs, stools and curtains. Make deliberate decisions on your taps, toasters and kettles. Additionally you can use glass, pottery, porcelain and china to stunning effect.

Why Axiom?

Also The full Axiom Collection does more than just look good, it combines beautiful design with superb functionality.

Firstly Durable

Secondly A Water Resistant Surface

Thirdly A Stain Resistant Surface

Fourthly Ultra hygienic

Fifthly Easy to clean

Sixthly Simple installation

Seventhly Design led

Eighthly Perfectly Matched Thickness and Edges

Lastly Premium textures

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Firstly high quality. Additionally best designs. Also fantastic prices. Lastly great customer service. Also beautiful kitchens. Additionally stunning bathrooms. Also reliable. Additionally strong. Also advanced. Also suitable for any size kitchen. Additionally smart. Lastly great options.

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