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The Definitive Artis Kitchen Worktops - Formica Laminate Collection

Choose from Artis worktops unique design options, exclusive finishes and special effects. To create chic yet functional kitchen environments.

All postformed Formica Artis worktops are manufactured with a 3mm profile (this is the shape of the front edge of a worktop). Which makes them very popular as they look square. However they come at just a fraction of the cost of square edged worktops.

Formica Artis surfaces provide the stunning ambiance of quartz stone, glass or solid wood at a fraction of their cost. They include the latest technology laminate designs. Which are faithful representations of natural granite slabs or timber. Therefore perfectly depicting their patterns with rich colour variations. Along with striking veins. Unlike conventional laminates some of Formica Artis’s designs are printed to true scale proportion. So unlike ‘normal’ laminates where an image is repeated to complete the worktop design. These counter tops will have only two repeats. In order to imitate real granite for example.

Manufactured to exacting standards. Formica Artis Kitchen worktops offer leading quality, reliability and long lasting performance. Additionally they have 8 different textures to choose from. There really is a Formica Artis worktop to suit your personal style.

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Formica Artis Kitchen Worktops – Be sure to pick the perfect texture for you! Too much choice? Take advantage of our sampling service!

Online Worktops Artis Texture
Formica Artis Gloss texture 

Gloss is beautifully chic and hygienic. Also reflecting the ambiance of your kitchen surroundings. With a classic luxury finish for stone effects. The Artis Gloss texture presents a crisp, clean and classic design. Therefore they are perfect for either your kitchen or bathroom. Also benefitting from a high shine gloss overlay. Which is very reflective and can work wonders when partnered with down lights!

Formica Artis Smooth Texture 

Looking for a surface you can easily write your shopping list on? Or a texture that is inspired by natural materials then look no further! The Artis Smooth texture presents a clean and contemporary finish to your kitchen and has a warm matt feel to it. Whilst the latest laminate designs used for the Artis range help to create that wow factor that every kitchen deserves.

Formica Artis Grained Texture 

A rustic and tactile linear graining. Which accentuates the minute detail in wood surfaces. In other words gone are the days when laminate wood effect worktops had to look like laminate! Also this brand new texture eliminates the unrealistic smooth feel. Therefore it enlightens the natural authenticity, that a real wood worktop provides. 

Formica Artis Finegrain Texture 

A refined grain emphasising the striped effect in the design. Exceeding the performance characteristics of natural pine whilst having a rustic approach that enhances the beautiful wood designs. Finegrain is hard wearing, hygienic and requires no special maintenance. Just like the Grained texture but with a smoother less abrasive grain for a realistic imitation of sanded wood. Bringing versatility to your kitchen that matches perfectly with a gloss door!

Formica Artis Snow Sparkle Texture 

Looking for something sparkly? Then look no further than the Artis Snow Sparkle range with stunning metallic-gloss accents. Additionally snow replicates the finish of polished quartz. Sparkling under direct sunlight or focused lighting, matching splashbacks complete the look, accentuating the feeling of space.

Formica Artis Natural Texture 

The Artis Natural range presents a silky texture that emulates the feel of wood and stone. How daring will you be? With these timeless decors replicating marbles, concrete and natural stone, the ultimate decision is yours…

Formica Artis Erosion Texture 

Artis Erosion is a subtle texture showing the impact of weathered stone, a highly tactile finish that emulates the feel of brushed natural materials. The Artis Erosion range feels exactly how you would expect the designs to but be sure to order laminate samples before making your final decision.

Formica Artis Burnish Texture 

Combining a gently undulating surface with a subtle gloss element, the softly shimmering patina entices the eye and is appealing to the touch. Burnish works beautifully on stone decors, refracting the light to give to give the surface wonderful depth and clarity. From statement stones to contemporary black, white and grey, Artis Burnish takes minimalist to another dimension. The depth of texture, the flow of colour and play of light and shadow erupt through a glittering crystalline surface that changes with sunlight or focused pelmet lighting.

Looking For Something a Little Different?

Then why not check out the Chrome range! With the two tone edging making the worktops look like a slab of glass. Therefore the design really is unique enough to create the wow factor you’ve been looking for. Above all there really is no exception when it comes to Artis Chrome. If you are after something with a little sass then look no further! Click here to view the Artis Chrome range.

Online Worktops Artis Snowstone Cream Chrome

Artis Chrome

The Formica Lifeseal - Premium all purpose adhesive sealant

Online Worktops Formica Life Seal
One job – One cartridge – Lifetime guarantee* 
Formica Life Seal has been designed to provide a flawless and superior colour-matched finish for Formica worktop ranges. 

With Formica Lifeseal all worktop joints are guaranteed against moisture ingress and expansion for the lifetime of the worktop*. By choosing Formica Lifeseal you will benefit from:


 290ml cartridges available in 21 colours picked exclusively by an aware-winning design team to match decors in the worktops ranges.

Advanced formulation for superb results 
Easy and flexible to work with for bonding, sealing and finishing
Colour matches to suit over 150 designs 
Cartridges suit mastic gun 

290ml – approximately 20 linear metres at a 5mm bead or 9 joints 

*This lifetime guarantee applies only to Axiom, Formica Prima and Formica Infiniti Worktop products when installed in residential environments and which have been subject to fair wear and tear. Formica Lifeseal must be used in accordance with recommended installation instructions. A proof of purchase for adhesive and work surface will be required in even of a query

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